Tap tag or people tag and be taken to search filter of that tag/person

Hi there,

I’d like the ability to tap a tag / person in my notes (i.e., click on the tag like it was a hyperlink) and be taken to a search filter showing all the notes tagged with the same tag / person.

Even better, it would be great if there were some options for this view, such as only viewing the lines with this tag, with the option to click the line and expand to see the whole note.

Thanks for considering!


Good feedback. These features are definitely on our radar. Thanks!

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+1 this. I’m really surprised this functionality wasn’t built in from the first release. Maybe I’m missing something but what’s the point of tagging or assigning a person if it serves no purpose?

It serves a purpose, ie, you can search based on tag, create saved searches for tags, and it provides a visual flag. Common tags also drive the related notes list.

+1 on this functionality

Been waiting a long time for tagging to show only the line. A real pain to have to filter through every note to find the relevant lines that have a action attached to a certain name. Really wish this option was given a higher priority. Been over 5 months.

It’s certainly got a high priority, but there are other features that are even higher, and only 24 hours in the day.