Tags - readability and visual impact



As I start to use tags (including for people), I’m finding them a bit difficult visually.

On one hand the bright, solid colours make them stand out very strongly. I find this distracts me from the rest of the text. In my mind, the point of tagging is for Agenda to do clever stuff for me in the background - I don’t need my attention drawn to them! Could we have something less dominating?

On the other hand, the actual text in the tag is a bit difficult to read because of the smaller font size. When I do need to pay attention to the tag, I want to be able to read it easily! This is a particular issue when people are tagged - in this case I’m actually needing to read the tag, rather than just expecting Agenda to use it. More legible tags please!


Tags can be used in different ways.Tags for organization could indeed be less in your face. I often use them as an attention drawer. Eg. “follow-up”, “solution”, etc

We hope to improve them in future, perhaps with other colors. That way you could probably choose a color that disappears more into the background.


No disrespect to the beauty of Agenda, but …+1


The tags are the most salient thing on the Agenda screen; it is my number one, and only major gripe about the visual design. I use tags (like date tags) for reference, and for lookup only. I’d love subtle tags.


We would like to further extend and empower the use of tags, I could see this would include the ability to choose custom tag colours, which should address some of the gripes of the current tags being too much in your face for some.