Tags & People suggestion – is this new? (and where is it on iOS?)

I just noticed something for the first time today – a little dot next to the paragraph. I clicked it, and saw that there’s a list of available tags and people. Awesome!! Is that new? Or have I just been overlooking it until now?

And is that same tag and people suggestion list available on iOS? I haven’t found it…

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What dot do you mean? Where is it?


You have to first select the note, then hover on the left of a line.

Ah on Mac only. I see. Thank you. It is not available on iOS.



on iOS, select a line by putting the cursor on that line, then tap on the ‘+’ symbol in the formatting bar

Yeah. But that doesn‘t bring up person/tag selections. That brings up the standard add file,foto,tag and all selection. Thanks anyway.



here is a ‘@’ sign, where You can assign a person

Yeah I know, thanks. But not select. Thatˋs the difference I meant.



Not new, no. Been there since 1.0 I think.

We have plans to improve the usefulness of the dot menu in future. Just need to find the time.


In addition to what Drew mentioned, we definitely have inline tag and people autocompletion on our to-do list as well, both for Mac and iOS.