Tags’ Location?

  1. It’d be great to be able to tag projects too.

  2. More importantly: it’d be extremely useful to be able to place tags on Note’s Title.
    Tags inside a note are problematic:

  • not immediately visible
  • if placed on 1st line inside a note, they distract me
  • if placed on last line of a note, i may not see them
  • if placed on some note’s line, they bother me when editing the note
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Thanks for the feedback. We have certainly considered having tags at the note level, outside the text, but decided it was not really any different to just putting the tags at the top or bottom of the text.

I still don’t really see the difference. If the tags distract you in the first line, they probably will distract in the title too.

The only argument I can see here is that if a note is collapsed, you can’t see the tags. Makes sense. We will think about it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for your reply, Drew.
Yes, the main point is to be able to see tags on collapsed notes, right!

Just as an aside: Agenda tags are too pretty! Yes indeed, kudos for the design. While that is useful inside a note because it allows us to spot them at first glance, it can be distracting. I guess we’ve a Catch22 situation here… :wink:


Being able to see tags when the note is collapsed would be really helpful.

Perhaps an option to show the first line of the note when collapsed? Then if you put tags on the first line one would see them.

This would be great for notes like “steering group meeting “ which is an uninformative title, but likely what’s been imported from the calendar. The first line with attendees and agenda topics as tags would be visible at a glance.

Indeed, for greater flexibility, how about a preference option “show X lines when note is collapsed “

This would also help with the problem of creating long titles (to make them meaningful) which then get truncated on a small screen.

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Indeed, we have ideas along these lines.

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