Tags in headline of notes & number of notes in a project

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i just thought about having tags inside the headline of a note. It would make my notes even clearer, so I can detect faster, where i still need to adjust something in my notes, without opening them all.

Another ”feature“ I would like to have, is a number next to the projects name, which shows how many notes are inside this project.



Thanks for the feedback.

The project icon doesn’t have a number, but the icon does show a lines which give an idea how “full” a project is. You can see a full list of notes by tapping the project title at the top of the notes list.

For tagging, I would just suggest putting a bunch of tags at the top of the text area. This makes them easy to see. You can also search for tags using “#mytag”.

Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for your fast answer.

I think you misunderstood me.
I mean the tags in the header, because I have so many notes in one project. I want to close some/all, but still want to see the tags I used in these close projects.

We have some ideas to solve this in a slightly different way, can’t promise when, but it’s on our list.

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