Tagging entries

I know you can tag text, but is there any way to tag a note? I use DEVONThink as a document store & use tags to organise items. It would be really useful to be able to tag notes & import them, complete with tags, into DEVONthink

We thought about this a lot in the beginning. In the end, we decided it was more straightforward just to allow tags in the text. If you want to, you can setup a convention of putting note tags at the top or bottom of a note in the text. So you can effectively do something very similar.

I think the OP is probably looking to have the file that is exported have Finder tags assigned, somehow. If the file had Finder tags, which DEVONthink can read, then “complete with tags”, as requested, would be achieved.

Spot on.


Ah I see, I know Devonthink allows for this indeed, but I don’t think it’s a good fit for Agenda, we don’t have plans for integration with Finder tags.

It’s pretty critical for me, I think I will have to look for an alternative.


One shortcoming of tags-in-text is that there’s no way to tag or un-tag many notes at once.

It’s not a super common procedure for me, but I do periodically find it useful for gaining new perspectives on a big set of notes: do a search, command-click the relevant notes, apply or remove a tag in bulk.

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DEVONthink 3 has a setting to “convert hashtags to text” that their Help describes as

Convert Hashtags to tags: Check this to convert found hashtags to tags.

This works if the hashtag is like #hashtag but does not work if you have #breakfast_menu (i.e., the hashtag contains a special character).

I too use Devonthink and when I “share” the file to Devonthink the popup allows me to name the file, and assign my DevonThink tags to it. That might be because I have the little “in box” helper file running on the side of my screen? But it might be a work-around for your issue.

I use tagging throughout my Mac to organise things & not being able to tag notes is a deal breaker for me. I have uninstalled Agenda & won’t be using it any more.


not being able to tag notes is a deal breaker for me.

I’m not following, you can simply tag notes by adding tags in the note content, for example at the start or end of a note.

@bill.westwood Sorry for this off topic question, but, how do you combine both apps? I mean, what is, in your workflows, Agenda for and Devonthink for?

I wasn’t able to integrate them so I have given up on Agenda.