Tag support, timeline view, mind map view

Thanks for bring Agenda to us, it has great feature I was looking for organize notes in this manner. There are some ideas I alway dream about it, can you considering add to the product?

Tags are already supported. We have ideas about better browsing and managing for the future.

The other options seem too far out of the scope of Agenda. You would probably be better making an image, and dragging that into Agenda. Image support is coming soon.

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Once again, well done on a great job with Agenda.

Tag has been working well, could be better with autocomplete/suggestion, but it is pretty good as it is.

In regards to Timeline as mentioned by sam.hjf, would it be achievable by having another overview kind of thing? Just like how “Today” and “On the Agenda” displays and sorts existing information.

The image I have in mind is a horizontal calendar that would allow us to drag and drop a note that we have created in that calendar. In line with Agenda’s idea of “past, present, future”, this “Timeline” could let us time travel back visually; drag and drop to plan the day; schedule the future.

just a 5 cent thought I have :slight_smile:

Interesting idea. Think it is too minor for us to consider at this point — we have bigger features to do — but nice to think about down the track.

+1 vote, I see the replies that it’s too minor but actually mind mapping is a very quick, flexible and most natural way of capturing ideas and information in meetings. Most note taking software do not support mind mapping hence it has taught us that mind mapping is something that is drawn up on a board or pencil and paper.

However it would be great if one could create mind maps and (flow)charts easily within Agenda, which would also be in line with the desire to use tables as all these would better provide for a more complete capture of ideas and info. Otherwise I would translate mind maps, charts and tables into google sheets (or excel, which means extra work for me), leaving Agenda purely for taking notes in the traditional note document format, which is a pity because I think Agenda can be much more than that… And to be frank, if it’s just the taking notes, Bear serves very well too, and Bear does stories wonderfully. I would love to pay to use Agenda if it could expand its current feature offerings to be more relevant and useful to me.

Mindmaps are great but it’s a -1 for me (it’s ok to have minus votes, right? :wink: )

I’m so old I remember Evernote when it wasn’t bloated. Because of feature bloat I haven’t used it in years. The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. Hope the Agenda team can continue to focus most of their energies on the core product features.


I think mind mapping is too far outside of the main features for Agenda, but it would be good if you could create a mind map with another app, and put the file into your Agenda notes. We are working on this option, by adding attachments and images now. Stay tuned!


I vote for Timeline View. Here is a sample from MacJournal:

I also think some sort of timeline view would be very beneficial. I posted on a previous feature request of having the option to automatically date notes and how beneficial this would be. This would most definitely tie into idea of that feature set and enrich it. I would help immensely in spotting any type of history, trends, problems, effort, etc. This would be a great aid when you need to do any type of analysis using your notes.

Thanks for the feedback!

Note that there is a setting for adding today’s date by default to new notes. Maybe that helps a bit.