Tag searching - show only tagged paragraphs

When searching using a tag it would be useful if we could see a list of all the tagged paragraphes and not of the tagged notes.

Use case
Some of my notes are quite long and the content of the paragraphs is loosely related. For example I have a To-do checklist note for each date and each to-do item is tagged with different tags. Moreover I do not want to create a separate note for each task because I feel that I would create too many notes. It would be nice if I could easily view all my todo items which have a specific tag from separate notes.


This is a frequent request indeed and we have a number of improvements in mind in this area, stay tuned!

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Been waiting for tags to show only paragraph for months now. I have renewed my subscription waiting for this to occur. Any hope of this happening soon - it is now July.

Just to set the expectations, while we have the designs etc for this feature all ready to go, the implementation will still take a while I’m afraid. There are simply other things with higher priority on our list first. We hope this year still, but I have to be realistic and say it might only come somewhere next year. Sorry.

I am waiting for this feature too! I would like to display all my tags and to choose special ones for a list of all notes with these tags. It would be great, to choose multiple tags.

I second this - in addition, I think that for Todo (checkbox) list items, only the tagged Todo item should be shown when searching for the tag.

Hi there, is there any update on this feature request, or a proposed roadmap? This feature is really somewhat of a blocker for powerusers (which you may or may not have in mind as your primary user base, of course). As it is right now, tagging is basically by note and not by paragraph/bullet point, which makes it hard to use when you are for instance writing notes about a meeting and want to odentofy action items across multiple meetings later on (since you wil always see the whole notes, most of which aren’t action items).

No update at this stage other than that we will be working on the various building blocks that are needed for this feature:

  • improved tags with autocompletion and a tag browser
  • improved search
  • improved view options with the ability to only show parts of a note

All three of these are needed for this feature, and all three are quite involved/non-trivial, hence it will still take a while before this feature is done I’m afraid.

Yes, I will certainly renew my premium for this feature. tag only one sentense out of a pragraph or note (tag delimiter?).

likewise been hanging out for this feature - currently linking to Cultured Code’s Things 3 to get better tag operation