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I am wondering if you can conceder adding filtering options for the used tags of the singed user on the right panel

. for example I have #todo tag in different notes from different projects, having such tag will help to focus on the relevant notes. usually, I don’t remember the content, but I always leave a tag for my important notes that I am tracking.

It would be nice to think about having an option to cross different filtering options (#, @, time, reminders if assigned,…). Like having the searchable functions image, and activate only the ones that were in use in the current user in all projects, and then by clicking on each one the user will get, for example, a list of the used tags strings, and then he can select what he wants. It is good to have a place to add a cleaver searchable text in case the user has a long list of tags so he won’t need to go over all to find what he is looking for. and so on for the other searchable functions in the second attached image.

The result of the search will be a summary (the exact tagged line, or a summary for longer lines) of the exact search that will be displayed in the body field of Agenda. And the user can double click to go to the full note in that project. Don’t forget to add a back arrow in case the user didn’t find what he is looking for and can get back to the search. Good also to add below the result line a line that have some hint information about if that not contains a link, event, additional # or @ in it.

Thanks, HM

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hints if contains attachment and image

You read our minds. This is largely where we want to take the search in future.

Note that you can already search for a single tag, and and save that as an overview. So you could search for #todo and save that search, and then all notes with that tag will appear in that overview. That is already available.

But the other options are on our radar. We have plans for something similar to what you describe.

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