Tag auto-complete

In order to make tags more useful and resilient, it would be great if when you type #, autocomplete appears (kind of like in this feedback app!)


Yes, fully agree. Autocomplete for tags is something we want to add. Thanks!


In conjunction with this, it would be nice to have a tag manager view of some kind — just to see the set of tags (people and hashtags) that have been defined so far.

This, notably, is something Ulysses lacks and it’s sort of a mess. I’ve ended up making a saved search for each tag I create in Ulysses, so I have a way of keeping tabs on them all — kind of a DIY tag manager, but it’s a bit kludgy and manual.

A tag manager is indeed on our to-do list, thanks for the feedback.


Yes, definitely auto-completion of tags is a must. A have a long list in a project and each item as one or more tags. The only way is to type them fully or copy/paste. Bear has a nice auto-completion of tags :slight_smile:


Another +1 vote for auto-completing tags as well as people!

We hear you. Hope to add that.

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I want to pile on to the tag auto-complete request.

+1 for me as well. The way Bear does tags has changed my life! :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

Just starting to explore the possibilities of Agenda, autocompletion for tags and people is one of the first things that I really miss in order to work efficiently with a sense of “safety”, not to mess up my tag or people database. Adding this feature will give instant karma! <3

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It is high on the list. Should not be long.

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