Tables when printing

What I did: Creates text that includes a table

What happened: When printing, the table is unstructured, the columns are brought to the line.

What I expected: An exact reproduction of the painting when printed

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

I just tested it on iPad and printing a note with a table seems to be correct, unlike the Mac!

We are aware of the problem. It seems to have come with recent updates to Apple’s OSes. We have ascertained that it is a bug in the OS which affects tables in printing and export of rich text.

We couldn’t find an easy solution. We have reported the issue to Apple, and will look for an alternative, perhaps doing what iOS does if needed. (In the iOS app, we generate an image of the table. This works OK for printing, but is not ideal for rich text export because you can’t edit the table anymore)

Thanks for reporting this.

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