Tables not rendering when exporting notes

What I did: I tried exporting a note I have that includes a table in every possible non-Agenda specific (I.e. not including agenda link and agenda file formats) format available (I purchased the premium features so I was able to try all formats) with finding a format that would render the table in the note properly, i.e. with the table format intact.

What happened: With the exception of the PDF export format, the text within the table was exported in either list form (it exported this way for the markdown, HTML, plain text, text bundle) or not at all (this was the case for the note text format), i.e. neither the table format nor the text within the table were included in the exported file. When I say the table was exported in list format, it exported in list form the text in the first cell was on one line, the text in the cell to its right was put on its own line below it, and so on and so forth, and without the table structure/outline itself in every export format except PDF. And with the PDF export, I found that it took a few tries because sometimes the table would get cut off unceremoniously at the bottom of the page and not continue on to the next page and then after a few tries all of a sudden it exported properly with the table continuing on to the next page.

What I expected: The table to be intact, in whatever way that looks based on the chosen export format (e.g. if exported in markdown, it be in the standard dashes and vertical lines). Is there any export format currently available other than PDF that will export tables within notes properly?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I’m using the latest agenda version and in this instance was using a 2021 12.9” iPad Pro.

Thanks so much!

Table export could certainly be improved. Pagination in PDF is a bit tricky, because it is a note taking app with no pages, but it should be better than it is.

Other formats often simply don’t support tables. Markdown actually doesn’t. I assume you are thinking of Multi-markdown. It would be nice to add that support at some point. Export probably wouldn’t be so problematic, but import would be a challenge I think.

We should definitely be able to support HTML tables.

Thanks for the feedback! We will try to get to this.