Tables - Next Step

Thank you for a beautiful tables addition.

Wanted to know if you plan to support all types of media in a table cell:

And are you planning basic table calculations (Sum, Average…)?



Doubt we will add calculations. If you need that, you probably should use a spreadsheet. (We hope to allow updating of attachments soon, so then you could have an updatable Numbers attachments)

We have certainly thought about all the other options. Not sure it really makes sense to support full notes inside table cells. They aren’t ideal for that. But we might support some things. Eg. Tags could go in there. We’ll consider it. For now, it is just basic text.

I’d love to be able to do “back of envelope” calculations in Agenda tables, just sum would be really helpful (when I saw the promo image with what looked like sums, I was very excited and thought you’d given us a real surprise feature!)

They probably were sums, just sums performed with the calculator :rofl:

We do have an idea for calculations, but not so much in tables.

We’ll keep in mind the SUM idea, but I’m not sure it warrants having a menu item etc for it. Ie it requires a whole bunch of UI just for a relatively minor feature. My guess is you could probably copy out the text of the cells, and sum them with a service or spotlight or something.

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