Tables: Column width auto adjustment

I enjoy using Tables in Agenda notes. An enhancement that could improve the Tables UX would be to automatically adjust the table width (and column width) to span the width of the note.

Take a look at the note below. Notice how the three columns contain text that wraps. Ideally, when the note is saved, the table would automatically adjust to 100% width of the note and each column would be roughly the same width.

That’s a bit tricky. We would like to give control over column width at some point, but it is not so simple, because whatever we do has to work on big Mac screens, as well as tiny iPhone screens. We can’t just have a fixed width.

Your preference in this case is that we use the full width, which I understand for this particular table. But you can imagine that just making something full width when there are two columns of simple numbers would be ugly, and difficult to read. So it very much depends on the table.

We will think more about the problem, and hopefully be able to address it in future, giving more control.

Thanks for the feedback!

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