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It would be nice to have an optional TOC generated dynamically at the beginning of a note with clickable links to get to the different headings.

No pressure :wink:

We don’t have that, but have you tried the jump menu at the to top? Just click on the project title at the top of the notes. It works like a TOC.

I didn’t notice. Thank you for the tip. It is a great start to have a view of all the notes within a project.

Could we please have the same at note level then?

About my earlier request, the optional TOC could also be part of the PDF file (with clickable links).

Ooh! Nice!

But Note level toc would be excellent too - I asked about that refering to an ‘outline’ of the note.

Out of interest, how long do your notes get? My notes tend to be a page or two at most, so a TOC is a bit overkill. If I have something longer, I tend to make it a project, splitting sections into notes.

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Some of my notes can be long (up to 10 pages for one exported in PDF).

Apart from the length, it helps to go straight to the section which needs to be updated instead of scrolling down its content. It saves time.

The TOC would be appreciated as optional both in Agenda and in generated PDF files.

When a project is exported in PDF, the TOC could include: note titles, note headings and sub-headings.

It’s ‘screens’ that matter for me, not pages! After a about three screens, a toc/outline would be really useful.

In other applications I find toc / outline useful for:

  1. navigating straight to the section I need for reference - especially relevant for draft documents that have a fixed format, like a proposal
  2. navigating around a note during an meeting or phone call. The Note will have various issues I need to discuss, but the conversation might jump around from topic to topic.

For me it woulde be important that the toc / outline is visible wherever I am in the Note, ie in the sidebar or floating etc, not at the top of the note and then disappearing as I scroll.

I know some folk suggest breaking longer documents into multiple notes. While this makes a lot of sense in some situations, it doesn’t for documents with a fairly standard format, or where you want to attach it to an event. (Only one note allowed per event). If there was a sub-project level, smaller notes would work - but would need to be able to link to sub-project. (Not arguing for deeper hierarchy; agnostic about that).

Sometimes there are reasons to have one note with a number of sections.

Agenda links (to call back from other apps) are very useful indeed, but can I raise a request for links to specific headings or sections?

That would be an Agenda link (x-callback-URL format with an additional ID or #section appended, to take you to the heading. Really powerful. An Evernote beater!

Not for me to say how easy or complex this would be to introduce, but the protocol exists and with the existing Agenda links, you’re 80% there…

We really discourage you to make very long notes, and instead encourage you to make a new note for each section, if needed creating a single project specifically for this “multi-note” document.

Actually, since you fixed it, fairly long notes work very well in Agenda!

What you have suggested is what I call the ‘Evernote workaround’ which is OK except in situations where you need one note and fast retrieval (I’m thinking about when there’s a need to pull in some additional references while teaching and speaking).

Naturally, I think Agenda can do a lot better than Evernote, especially with the latter’s glacial rate of development! And Evernote does not fully support x-callback-URL although the internal links can, with persistence, be made to work in a similar way. I’m with Agenda…