Table change width of column

What I did: insert a table

What happened: cant change the size of table columns

What I expected: i can change the size

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Version 18.0.1 (280), 13.4.1 (c) (22F770820d)

I have the same problem. A solution would be very nice !

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Columns are currently a fixed width, unless there are so many columns that they start narrowing.

The reason we chose for this is that iPhone and Mac have very different screen sizes. Having a fixed size one one device will rarely work well on the other. It might work fine on the Mac, but on iPhone it might go off the side of the screen. For this reason, we resize columns to fit the device.

In future, we may make it possible to change the relative widths of columns (eg 30%). We would like to offer more options, but it can quickly become very messy.

We’ll see what we can do.

How about building it so that you can scroll left and right on the iPhone? In any case, it would be great if you can create the table neatly and on all devices would be the same or just easy to read. So the table is unfortunately useless for an organized and clear compilation of data.

It would be nice if you find a way :wink:

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Scrolling is one solution we are considering, but I never really like having horizontal scrolling inside notes. May be unavoidable though. It also opens up a bunch of other problems, like if someone wants to print the table, or turn it into a PDF, what do you do? Goes off the side of the page. Guess you have to wrap it around or resize it down. All fiddly stuff.

In any case, we will put our heads together and see what we can come up with.

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It seems to me like you presented yourself with the solution to this. You said in your response above “…we resize columns to fit the device.”

That should also be the case for the desktop version, where I do all my note taking - I don’t really have a need to write notes on a mobile device (maybe read). If the table fitted across the width of the available screen/window, then that would be so much better than what we have now, which is a bit unusable to be frank, looks very silly, and is quite a basic function of other note taking apps.

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At some point, a very wide column also looks silly IMO. Eg. If you have two columns on a Mac. We currently use a default column width. Note that this is exactly the solution used by Apple Notes, for example.

In fact, as far as I can see, our tables are the same as Apple Notes. I also don’t see a way to resize columns there. They have a default width, and stay there, unless there is not enough room, when they compress a bit.

We have ideas about how we can give some control over column widths, but just expanding to the full width will probably not solve it.

Not a real user of Notes, so can’t comment on that, but I agree with you that too wide can also look silly. But some sense of control would be great to have, so I am pleased to hear that you are thinking about it and I hope we see something in an update soon. Although I thought it was weird at first, I quite like the way that image sizes are kept to just a small number of options. Something similar for tables would be a huge step forward!

Thanks for listening!


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll see what we can come up with.