Table cells lose text when adding new rows and columns

What I did:
I was writing some text, then while the cell was highlighted I clicked … to add a row or a column (checked both)

What happened:
New row/column was added but the cell went empty and any time I try to type into it it removes the content

What I expected:
That cell will retain the content and stay editable

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Newest agenda 12.0, iOS 14.4 beta 2, iPhone 11 Pro Max


This is now happening to me. I was excited to see the new table features, but now, not so much.

What happened:
New row/column was added (>1 row) but the cell went empty and any time I try to type into it it removes the content

What I expected:
That cell will retain the content and stay editable

Version 12.0 (175)
macOS Big Sur(11.1)

New row/column was added (>1 row) but the cell went empty and any time I try to type into it it removes the content

Are you saying that if you have a cell A that has text and you add a new row or column with cell B, the contents of cell A are emptied? Or is cell B the one that gets emptied all the time after it was added?

Also, can you give a bit more information? Perhaps a screen capture movie?

Eg. How many rows/columns are there in the table to begin with? Where do you add the row or column? Does this happen for all tables you make, or is it a specific note or project, or a particular location of the table (eg is it the only thing in the note?)

A screencapture would answer these questions.

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It seems to be related to the copy & pasting of data into the columns of a table. When I manually type the data, the table behaves perfectly. First column works fine when pasting, 2nd column disappears.

Well, this is bizarre. Since my Agenda application crashed out, after a restart the table functionaliy is working as expected. Hmmmm one of those end-user scratchy head moments perhaps?. I will be sure to advise if this re-occurs.

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If you can determine what type of data you are pasting that causes the problems, let us know. We would like to track it down.

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I’m having a similar problem right now.

When I insert data in the highlighted space it disappears after some seconds.

It happens:

  • with any type of data (text or number)
  • with any alignment
  • not only with copy and paste
  • even if I create another similar table in a new note; create a new note in another project; use a different structure (one line of text for each space)
  • even if I use markdown to create the table and use other combinations to write and modify text
  • even after I restart the application

image image

Happened to me again this morning. Attached is a video

That’s super helpful Jaso, thank you so much, I’ve now been able to also see it on my Mac, which should help us get closer to the cause soon I hope. We’ll dig into it!

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I have the same issue on iPhone and on my Mac…

Drew and Alex,

You might provide a link with directions for how to do screen recordings when ask.
I’d assume many don’t know that’s possible and many more don’t remember how. :raising_hand_man:

Create a screen recording
On your iPad, you can create a screen recording and record the audio.
Choose Settings > Control Center and tap the Insert button next to Screen Capture.
Open the Control Center, tap the “Screen Recording” button and wait for the three-second countdown.
To stop recording, open the Control Center and tap the button of the selected screen recording. Alternatively, tap the red status bar at the top of the screen and tap “Stop”.
Open the Photos app and select your screen capture.


Yep, but I’m really suggesting just providing a link every time they ask for a recording or capture, such as:

They might also include a private way to share it with them directly for the sake of privacy.

We think this happens when you paste in a cell, and then immediately start dragging a selection on the text outside the table (eg to prepare for a new copy). Can others confirm this is what they are seeing?

We are working on a fix for this right now. Sorry for the trouble.

So far I think we can count the number of “how would I do that” requests on one hand, so while it used to be more involved in the past, by now most people know how to do this. Regarding including a private way of sharing, if we feel it’s a more private sensitive issue we ask to email the files and screen recording to us, but also here we nowadays see people are savvy enough to only share trivial examples without having to reveal private info.

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In my case it happens when I added a new column or a row next to already filled cells.
Moreover, if the column, containing disappeared text, will be removed, the text in neighboring column will disappear too…

We have tracked down the issue that is causing some cells to lose their text. The fix will be in the next bug release. It should be in beta tomorrow, and hopefully in public a day or two after that.

Thanks for helping track the issue down.

Update: The fix has shipped as part of Agenda 12.0.1

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