Syncing to other services

We use pcloud. I would wish for agenda to be able to sync with pcloud instead of dropbox and icloud. We do have both, but it’s not possible to sync my private devices with work devices in icloud since I have my private icloud on the phone, and impossible to sync with dropbox with more than three devices unless you pay big cash for it. If we could use pcloud, I wouldn’t have change accounts all the time, which makes it unusable.


I’m afraid there are just so many different services, we can’t support them all. Perhaps we will add Google and Microsoft in future, but I have actually never heard of pCloud, and we can’t add support for ever service.

Sorry that I don’t have better news. You can use Dropbox for free, but if your work is blocking it, it is a problem.

That stinks, I’m going to stop all iCloud usage. I have pCloud for life, and eventually nextCloud. No more evil empire storage for me lol. Not to mention monthly fees.


I’ll add my request for OneDrive. That would make it feasible for my company to adopt Agenda. We aren’t allowed to use Dropbox or iCloud on our work Macs

Adding my request here for web access

Adding gdrive and onedrive makes sense to me. I totally get @drewmccormack that there are so many cloud services that not everything can be supported.

+1 for OneDrive for work macs!

pCloud all the way. if it’s not lifetime and zero knowledge I don’t want it.

We are working on Apple’s Advanced Data Protection, which would make Agenda data in iCloud e2e protected when you turn Advanced Data Protection on. That should be here in a few months all going well.