Syncing between Mac and iOS

Hi Alex,

I’ve noticed that there’s a significant lag between the notes on my desktop and on my iphone. I made a new note on my laptop, and still don’t see it in the phone app (at least 30 minuts have passed). I do have the latest version of iOS and the Agenda app on both my laptop and phone. If you could look into this for a future update I would really appreciate it!

On a side note, I love this app and how communicative your team is with the community. Thanks for your hard work!

Does it help if you make a small edit to the original note, eg, putting in a space or newline character?

Hi Drew,

No, that doesn’t help. It’s been a week and the note on my app still hasn’t updated with the information from my Mac app.

For now, I suggest moving the note to another project. See if it syncs up then. If it does, you could try moving it back. If it doesn’t work again when you move it back, it is possible that project has a corruption. If that is the case, I recommend making a new project, and moving all the notes from that project over to the new project.

Hi Drew,

I moved it to another project and then back; that didn’t work. I tried creating a new project but the new project is yet to show up in my ios app. I also tried to uninstall and restall the app - still only shows my older projects.

It sounds like you have no sync at all with the iPhone. Is that correct?

Does the mac have all of your data? If so, maybe best to delete the iPhone app, and also turn off the sync on the Mac, and when asked, remove the cloud data.

Once all the sync data is gone. Turn on sync again on the Mac, wait 10 minutes, then install on iPhone again.

Make sure all apps are fully up to date (5.1).

Hi Drew,

This didn’t work. I reinstalled the app on my phone 10 minutes after I turned sync on again on my Mac (all apps are up to date). I signed in with my account on my phone, made sure sync was on, but there are no notes on my ios device.

And you are certain you are signed in with the same iCloud account, and you have iCloud Drive enabled for each device? That is by far the main cause of issues.

Sometimes you just have to wait a little, so it might be worth just waiting 10 minutes to see if anything appears.

I only have one icloud account and I’ve turned on “sync notes between devices with iCloud” on my Mac and iPhone. It’s been a few days and my ios app is still blank.

Update: I uninstalled the app, bought more icloud storage, backed up my phone, reinstalled the app and now it shows one (out of two) project but none of my to do lists.

update #2: I went back to your original advice and made small edits on all my notes (on my mac) and now they’re showing up on my phone. I’ll keep an eye on it over the next few weeks to see if they stay in sync

Glad it is at least starting to sync. The first sync can also take a little while, so you might see some projects appear one at a time.

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