Synchronization with Apple Notes

It seems that there were no progress since the last posts early 2019 and as I understand this is due to the fact that Agenda can only access the notes data using Apple script and not a nice synchronization mechanism like for Calendar or Reminders.

Is this still the case? Any possible improvement in sight?

Even with the present situation, would it be possible to allow the import (manually) of only a selected folder in notes?

Notes is sometimes useful to take quick notes in a minimalist app on my other devices, or to have a small minimal window open during meetings and sharing screen.

Thanks in advance for a feedback on that, or useful tip to support a similar workflow.

That’s correct, in fact it became even worse. Apple introduced a bug in the 10.15 that broke the AppleScript and we even have the idea they actively try to block migrating notes out of the app.

One solution is the upcoming Sharing Extension in Agenda v10, it allows you to share a note from Notes to Agenda.

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Update: Version 10 of Agenda now has a super powerful sharing extension, also allowing you to share from Apple Notes to Agenda.

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