Synchronization problems

hi there
I think I found a solution:

  1. I backed up agenda
  2. I deleted everything in ageda
  3. Deleted the cloud data of ageda in icloud
  4. Removed ageda in ios and macOS
  5. Re-download the application and re-import the data
  6. Agenda is now syncing fast

But there are two problems:
1.The space occupied by igenda in icloud is: 124m, after exporting and reimporting, the size is 30m, which means that the content that has been completely deleted before is still occupying space (I guess this is one of the reasons that caused my problem) , I did not see the function of ageda to view historical documents, I do not understand the purpose of this design?
2. If the cause of my synchronization problem is not “1”, is the data size affecting the synchronization? If this is the case, if the ageda is used all the time, the data will naturally grow larger and larger. Should I reset it regularly?

Although some files are missing (the export function is a bit confusing), I am still happy to see that it is syncing smoothly. In fact, before these operations, I have planned to give up the agenda.
Hopefully no more problems :slight_smile:

Thank you and Agenda

(The above is translated English, the original text is Chinese/以上为翻译后的英文,原文为中文):



但愿不会再出现问题 : )

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My iPhone X has not synced in several months. Please help.

Are you sure all your devices are on the latest version of Agenda (9.1.2), you are logged into the same iCloud account, have iCloud drive enabled on all devices, and your iCloud storage isn’t full?

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