Sync with Asana

Any chance of being able to create tasks in Asana ?

For now we are just syncing with the built in Reminders app, which every app can do. Asana could add that too if they wanted to.

You can integrate in other ways, like copying Agenda Links into Asana so you can quickly find your way to the notes for each task.

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I can’t work out a workaround at all. Is there a way to copy a link to the note so i can post it in the notes in Asana - I see lots of other agenda link options but none for Asana or generic to copy and paste.

Yes. On macOS, you can select the note (it goes yellow), and choose Edit > Copy As > Agenda Link.

You can also use the Copy As > Agenda Link from the cog menu at the bottom of a selected note. This works on macOS and iOS.