Sync using Agenda account

I’m not sure if enough people have the use-case that I do but I hope there are so this gets enough attention :slight_smile:

I use Agenda on my work computer that uses an office iCloud account. But the iPhone I use is my personal phone so it uses my personal iCloud account. Catch my drift…!!? :wink:

I wish we could log in, wherever, using our Agenda accounts and use that to sync across devices!

I understand I may be in a unique situation so ignore if no one else seems to want this.

In any case, Agenda is one of those apps that just completely delights you. I’m a BIG fan! Please continue to do such awesome work!

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Looking at this from a different angle - I would like the ability to share my notes with others. This would fix your particular challenge.

Covered here

Yeah that could work. Especially if I’m allowed to share a Category or a Project to share all notes contained within.

I completely agree, @pratyushpundir :grinning:

I’m actually using my account for lesson planning, but it’s not possible for me to use a personal iCloud account on the school system’s iMac. Therefore, simply logging into my Agenda app to find my lesson plans would be perfect. I would even pay for more space on my Agenda account for the convenience of storing a year’s worth of lesson plans, presentations, activities, etc. on each project.