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Hi Corentin,

Build 61 for mac and 47 for iOS should have the fixes for sync, let me know if it’s indeed solving the issues. Also, it led potentially to some explanations of the poor performance of large calendars, I hope some optimisations to that will make it in the build after these ones.


I tested on one Mac and one iPhone and syncing was a lot faster (within 30s of editing on my iPhone).
I’ll check on other devices.


I tested it on an iPad Air2 too. For some reason, all the calendars were selected again. When I launched the app, it was unresponsive and failed to update. It took me a good 30 minutes to deselect the calendars one by one. Once I was done though, the app was responsive again and synced data back and forth within a minute.
I decided to simply disable calendar access for Agenda on the iPad to avoid getting back in the same situation, but the sync itself was significantly improved.


Ok cool, the sync is what we hoped to see improved, glad it did so. Calendar responsiveness hopefully in the next beta, stay tuned!


Perfect example for me right now of why I would like some indication of sync status or progress:

I’m working at a library with their wifi (which works, just loaded web pages on it), and I’ve done a bunch in Agenda on my laptop. I just opened my iPhone, which is connected to the internet via LTE, and I don’t see anything I’ve just done. Is my phone not syncing right? Is my computer not syncing right? I have NO CLUE because there’s no place to check!

I also work in OmniFocus and it tells me when it’s syncing and what time it last synced. Should something not seem to be in sync (which happens from time to time out in the real world of sometimes-flaky connectivity) I can go to that part of the interface very easily and see when this copy of OmniFocus last successfully synced.

You say you don’t want people “confused” about sync status, but I can tell you from firsthand experience it’s pretty damned frustrating to see something like this and have absolutely no way to even begin to know what’s happening.

I guess I’ll go home to my own wifi and hope it all syncs up? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I used OF for years, and don’t think I ever looked at that date, because it doesn’t really tell you anything you don’t know. Ie if you see something hasn’t synced, you really only have one choice, ie, get your devices online so it can sync. A date is not going to tell me much, because sync is a very complex process of uploading and downloading on multiple devices. Is the date the last successful upload? Last download? Not clear unless you have all the info, and then it is simply too complex to be useful.

Your last line is exactly the right solution here. If you see something that is “out of sync”, all you can do is connect to a network, preferably both devices involved. Seeing a date for the last sync wouldn’t really tell you anything useful IMO, other than what you already know.

But we will keep it in mind. If others request it a lot, we will think about it.

Note that for long syncs, the iOS devices should already show a network spinner to show a sync “is underway”. Unfortunately, I have noticed the notch on iPhone X seems to mean it doesn’t fit in the bar anymore :roll_eyes:


…IF you know you need to do it!

I have no idea why Agenda didn’t sync on library wifi while the connection seemed to be working for other things, but it sure would’ve been helpful to get a heads-up for a failed sync. Dropbox would do this for me, and I’m thankful for it in situations like this. (iCloud Drive would not, in keeping with its “the less you know, the better” interface). Without any notification the user doesn’t necessarily know there’s a problem.

In this situation, I happened to notice that there was work missing from Agenda. But what if I didn’t? What if I introduced sync conflicts or just plain missed to-dos I set for myself – only to belatedly see this stuff come back a few days later the next time I happen to open that laptop and it syncs? It shouldn’t be on the user to manually police the Agenda database to make sure it’s been synced on all devices.

I thought that network spinner just meant “network activity (of some unspecified kind) is happening on the phone”.


The network spinner can be triggered by the active app. Agenda does this for long syncs (longer than about 5 seconds).

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Hi @drewmccormack, I recently experienced some small issues with sync between my Mac and iPhone, and again some light latency on the iPhone. I moved, for example, a note in another day on the Calendar and the linked note in Agenda moved to the new date on the Mac, but not on the iPhone. After a while the note came back to the previous date even on the Mac, like a kind of reversed synchronization. So, I have the feeling that the sync with iCloud is not still perfectly smooth.


We are making changes to calendar foundation that should hopefully result in better sync across platforms of calendar events.


Thank you Alex, it sounds good!