Sync status




Is there a way to see if the app is currently syncing ? Or a last sync date ?

Or if it’s currently syncinc ?

I have a project that won’t sync to my iPhone and I don’t understand if it’s a sync problem or why is this happening…

  1. If this is not yet implemented, can you guys do something about it ?

  2. Any idea why one project is not synced on iOS ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hello (again)…

I removed the app from my iPhone and then reinstalled it. I’ve also I copied the notes from the project that wasn’t working to a new one.

At first the notes were synced (except the project that wasn’t synced before that has completely disappeared from the iPhone).

Then I removed the “buggy project” & I marked some notes as done on the app and some other changes to test the sync and I still have issues:cry:

:warning: Apparently some changes are synced and some are not…

I don’t get it, but honestly I think that I’ll cancel my purchase for now because even though I like the app, I think the sync feature between devices is a little bit buggy and that’s something that (for me at least) must work because I really need to have my notes in sync :frowning:

Anyway, for now I won’t cancel hoping that I’ll found out what’s the issue in order to be able to use the app.

Please let me know if you have any idea.


iCloud can sometimes get jammed. If things are not syncing, try going into Settings or System Preferences, choose iCloud, and sign out, and then sign in again with the same account. This often clears up any issues.



Thanks. I’ll try…

This morning I saw that the notes were synced.

So I think a sync status is really necessary :+1:


+1 on this. I was working the other day on a laptop I don’t use super often, and although I’d had it open for a bit, connected to the internet, and with Agenda running, I had no way of knowing whether or not Agenda had fully synced up. I was on rather spotty library wifi, so I was afraid to make changes to existing items in Agenda lest I start a sync conflict.

Speaking of which, how are sync conflicts handled? Ulysses saves both versions separately, and marks them in red so you know to resolve it. So if you have to work in a copy of Ulysses with unknown sync status (or totally offline), you can be reasonably sure you’ll be able to sort it out later.

Sure, in a perfect world everything just syncs magically, but omnipresent internet connections are not here yet. If you find yourself with spotty or no wifi and a device that hasn’t been online in a few days, it can spend quite some time “catching up” and it would be very useful to know when it’s safe to use Agenda.

iCloud Drive (unlike Dropbox) is unfortunately quite opaque about what it’s syncing, but even just a little notation like last synced on [date & time] somewhere in Agenda would be incredibly useful.


We have some changes coming which should ensure text sync is much faster, when you also have attachments. So hopefully any indicator is not needed. (Note that an indicator is imperfect at best. You may well have made changes on another offline device. There is no way the other devices can know that, of course.)

Conflicts are handled at the paragraph level. As long as you are not editing exactly the same paragraph on two devices, you should not actually get a conflict. Sounds like Ulysses handles them at the document level — makes sense as it is just a markdown text file editor — so the granularity there is much coarser, and you are more likely to see conflicts.

Note that, unlike Ulysses, we don’t just store a bunch of text files. Agenda has a lot more metadata, and more to come in future, so the internal structure is more complex and not readily readable by humans. We can’t point you to any place in iCloud Drive to view the files, because we use a different part of it called CloudKit, which is a completely opaque database in the cloud.


Well yeah, of course a sync status indicator wouldn’t tell you about other devices, but that doesn’t change what I was asking for: to know when this copy of Agenda has successfully synced.

It’s great that you’re making sync faster, but as you just pointed out, iCloud is quite opaque and doesn’t offer any insight into what it’s doing. If we were using Dropbox, ok, we could just keep an eye on its sync status — but we’re not. In cases where there’s a poor and/or saturated internet connection, why would one not want to know that Agenda is synced and current?


In addition, when a sync goes bad for whatever reason, we also can’t wipe out the data and start fresh. Altogether, this makes troubleshooting quite complicated.



Yes, you can wipe the data out. Just turn off sync, and it will ask if you want to wipe the data.


My point is that an indicator like that can get confusing. It shows everything is completely synced, while you know that your iPhone has some data that is not synced yet. Ie we are dealing with a decentralized system, not a central one, like, eg, Facebook.

Note that the iOS devices do show syncing activity. If a sync is taking more than about 5 seconds, a spinner appears in the bar at the top (status bar).

We haven’t added it on the Mac yet, because most syncs only take a second or two. We can consider it for longer syncs. It will show sync activity, but will not — and cannot — guarantee all data is synced up, for reason mentioned above.


I tried to turn off sync to delete data Drew, but I’ve had issues… lots of issues.
Just yesterday I turned on iCloud syncing in a Mac that had been out of commission for a while and it brought back to life two projects that were supposedly deleted from iCloud.
It doesn’t look like it’s really always deleting everything and there is no (other) way to completely nuke it all and start fresh.


Dropbox indicates whether or not your local instance of the software is up to date, and I don’t think that confuses anyone. I don’t see how this is any different.


Ah, yes. If you have sync turned off on a device, and then turn it back on after a long time, I think it is indeed possible that it would re-upload the deleted projects.

What you can try is turning off the sync on each device, and always removing the cloud data when asked. But since you were having trouble with calendar events, it could be we need to do a bit more work on that first.


That’s not what happened. The projects were not showing up anywhere anymore: Not on the Mac that were syncing and not on this one.
I thought they were properly deleted, but came back to life when I enabled syncing on this Mac again.


That would indeed be unusual. Sounds like somehow the projects didn’t get completely removed in the cloud.


I completely agree, which is why I’ve been asking for a sync status and an option to nuke all iCloud data and start fresh.
I understand it’s less critical if syncing takes a couple of seconds, but that’s not at all what I’m experiencing. I’ve been having nothing but troubles with syncing from day one.
I opened up my laptop today: it had the newest beta and still it took 10 minutes to display my updated content.


@cortig I’m afraid this is more related to the performance bottlenecks we’re currently tackling, especially those related to the calendar, than so much to sync.


I thought about it, but in this case for instance, the app is responsive. Just not displaying the new data for quite some time.


We just found some possible explanations we’re addressing, let us know if the next update still shows these issues.


I’ll test it out as soon as it’s out :slight_smile: