Sync status




Is there a way to see if the app is currently syncing ? Or a last sync date ?

Or if it’s currently syncinc ?

I have a project that won’t sync to my iPhone and I don’t understand if it’s a sync problem or why is this happening…

  1. If this is not yet implemented, can you guys do something about it ?

  2. Any idea why one project is not synced on iOS ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hello (again)…

I removed the app from my iPhone and then reinstalled it. I’ve also I copied the notes from the project that wasn’t working to a new one.

At first the notes were synced (except the project that wasn’t synced before that has completely disappeared from the iPhone).

Then I removed the “buggy project” & I marked some notes as done on the app and some other changes to test the sync and I still have issues:cry:

:warning: Apparently some changes are synced and some are not…

I don’t get it, but honestly I think that I’ll cancel my purchase for now because even though I like the app, I think the sync feature between devices is a little bit buggy and that’s something that (for me at least) must work because I really need to have my notes in sync :frowning:

Anyway, for now I won’t cancel hoping that I’ll found out what’s the issue in order to be able to use the app.

Please let me know if you have any idea.


iCloud can sometimes get jammed. If things are not syncing, try going into Settings or System Preferences, choose iCloud, and sign out, and then sign in again with the same account. This often clears up any issues.



Thanks. I’ll try…

This morning I saw that the notes were synced.

So I think a sync status is really necessary :+1: