Sync restores deleted text

I use Agenda on my Mac and my iPhone. Starting today, I experience the following behaviour:

  • When I delete text in a note on my Mac, it reappears whenever I leave the note and come back to it.
  • If I delete the text on iOS, it stays deleted as it should.

It makes no difference whether Agenda is open or closed on my iPhone or running in the background or not. Please advise.

Update, 2 hours later: The issue seems to have resolved itself. No idea why; I just continued working, left the app running on my Mac and ignored it. Will report back if this starts happening again.

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Glad to hear that, let us know if you hit the same or other sync issues.
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Same problem here, in all directions. From Mac (Agenda 5.5) to IOS or from IOS too Mac. All delete Items are coming back after a few minutes. Sync with iCloud. What can I do?

Can you try restarting your devices? Ie mac or iPhone.

Are you using the new beta that came out yesterday? Maybe that is worth a try.

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Thanks Drew, restarting all Devices works :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear that resolved it, let us know if any issues return.
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