Sync problem: notes with date removed



Recently, I had the opportunity to test Mac-to-Mac iCloud sync; here is the only trouble I encountered:
(1) new note created - appears immediately on second machine;
(2) date (or the range of days) set - sync perfectly;
(3) date changed - still perfect sync;
(4) date removed (by deselecting days in calendar popup) - nothing happens, note on second Mac still has a date set previously.

The issue also affects notes with date removed “automatically”: when I try to manually reorganize already sorted notes, Agenda proposes date removal to avoid inconsistency. Interestingly, on second computer note keeps the date, but goes up or down on the list to match the order on the first machine (screenshot enclosed).


Does the date ever sync up again? There can be a delay until the data is uploaded. For example, if you remove the date, then quit the app, and launch again, and then check the second Mac? Is the date still wrong?


Since yesterday, removed dates have not synced, despite that the apps and both computers were relaunched few times. When new date is set, it syncs up in a split second.


Just to be sure that I understand, when you remove the date you click on the calendar icon, click in the gray part of the calendar or click a second time on the currently selected date to ensure there is nothing selected, click on save and the note no longer shows anything in the top right, correct?


Yes, that’s exactly what I do.


Thanks, that should give us enough info to go after it.


Hi Rafal,

I had a quick look but can’t immediately find something that goes wrong. Can you do me a favour and test the following:

  1. follow the steps you outlined:

In addition make a text change in the note and wait for that note to appear on the second mac.

Now after that last change appears, can you force quit the app on the second mac? (cmd-option-esc)
When you restart Agenda on that mac, does the note now have the date removed?

Related, if you follow the above instructions but change the title of the note, does the title update?



I followed your instructions and:

(1) Text of the note (body) changed - text synced in seconds, „old” date still present.
(2) Note title changed - title synced in seconds, „old” date still present.
(3) Force quit does not solve the problem.

If no one else reports similar issues, maybe it’s related to the set of devices I use? My primary computer is 2017 iMac 5K, secondary - 2012 MBA 11” (which sometimes does not keep up with new solutions…) Both machines run 10.13.2.

Best regards,


Hi Rafał,

Thanks for that, I just managed to find the cause and it should be fixed in the next update (please let me know if that’s indeed the case). This was actually an import thing to find so thank you so much for your help and persistence.

Ps. Awesome saw you bought a license too, thank you so much for your support!


This should now be fixed in today’s update.


Removed dates sync properly now, and I find the overall sync performance even better than in the previous version.

Ahh… one can have no secret these days… I am on board since EnzymeX v1 and your first ELN (yup, the one before Findings), so basically I had no choice :slight_smile:
But no worries - I’ve just prepared few remarks regarding the event creation and searching :wink:


Haha, awesome! Can you put them in individual topics?