Sync only specific projects

I’m using Agenda for work and private.
Is it possible to keep work related Agenda projects only on the work Mac and sync the other private ones across all devices?

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Not directly. We don’t have any selective sync.

One way you could do it is this:

  1. For your personal devices, use your normal account and sync via iCloud
  2. For your work computer, setup a free Dropbox account, and sync via that. On your personal Mac, make a second user account just for work, and open Agenda in that second account and sync with the Dropbox.

Obviously not ideal, because you have to switch accounts, but you can at least get to your data everywhere you have the Mac.

I said you could use Dropbox, but actually, if you have a second Work iCloud, you could just as easily use that. The important part is to do it in a different user account on your Mac.

All a bit tricky.
The corporate computer doesn’t allow iCloud. But it seems to work via DropBox.

I could be OK, leaving the work Agenda data ‘offline’ on the work Mac.
But I would like to sync then the private stuff from all devices via DropBox into my work Mac.
Would it be possible to have two Agenda instances running in one user account on the mac? I’m not admin and hence wouldn’t be able to create a 2nd account on my corporate mac.

Further on this, I played around a bit syncing with DropBox (corporate) and iCloud (private) which branched away 2 months ago where the corporate lost icloud sync capability - I haven’t put too many entries on both in these 2 months. I wonder that on DropBox it is around 180mb and on iCloud around 400. Can that be normal?

I’m afraid there is no way to run two copies of Agenda in a single user account on a Mac. You would need to split it into two separate user accounts.

Re: Dropbox vs iCloud, there could be quite a difference between them, yes. The way data is stored and compressed is quite different in each system.