Sync keeps changing my list order

I have the Agenda app on my desktop and on my iPhone. My projects are syncing just fine EXCEPT when I make a list on my desktop, and sorted it into the order I wished to do the items. When I viewed the list on my iPhone - which is where I will be using it - the order of my items has changed. I finally started a new note and copy/pasted the items to that note on the desktop. Agenda on my iPhone changed the order of that note as well. And if that weren’t bad enough, when I go back to my desktop, it changed the order there to match the incorrect order from my iPhone. It’s so frustrating! I just wanted to make my list as I thought of it, and then organize it efficiently.

MAC - OS 10.12.6
iPhone 10 - iOS 11.3

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I’m seeing the same issue where notes that I create on the desktop are arriving on ios (and other Macs) with the content scrambled. At first I thought that there might be conflict from having the app open on mac os and ios, but after copying a few notes to preserve the structure I’m wondering if something else is happening.

MAC - OS 10.12.6
iphone 10 - iOS 11.4

We are aware of this issue, and have fixed it. At this point, only the iOS app has the fix, but we will soon be releasing a macOS update that includes the fix too.

The issue can arise in notes which are edited a lot, and where you are inserting items at the top, or moving items around.

The fix should prevent this happening.

Sorry for the trouble.

Many thanks! This is the issue (notes with a lot of edits) with sync issues. Glad to hear a patch is coming!

Update: The Mac 2.3 update should include the patch and hence this issue should no longer occur.