Sync Issues with iCloud

What I did: Checked a list item in Agenda for Mac. Change did not sync to Agenda for iOS.

What happened: Quit iOS app and relaunched. No change. Repeated. No change. Navigated to other category, then returned to original category and note. No change. Both programs are syncing to iCloud. List item has now been check for over 30 minutes on Mac; no change on iOS.

What I expected: List item in iOS to update with check mark made in Mac app.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): On same home network. Wifi working fine.

Sync required me to quit Agenda for Mac and restart in order to trigger iCloud to update Agenda for iOS. Check mark now synced.

We’ve received various reports from users that Apple has issues with iCloud being slow and unreliable, it sounds it worked in the end so that’s good. But it’s frustrating indeed.