Sync Issues Across Devices

What I did: I have 3 devices with Agenda - iPhone, work macbook and personal macbook. I moved the projects under a subcategory to the category it is under and removed the subcategory on my work macbook. The change is reflected on my iPhone but it is not on my personal macbook. I stopped the sync and deleted all my exisiting data on my personal computer. I then turn on sync again.

What happened: Some of the projects reloaded and went into the Other Projects category which does not exsit on any other device. And categorical changes on iphone and work macbook is not reflrected on my personal macbook.

What I expected: Any organizational changes to categories and projects would be reflected in all devices.

Current Version 17.0 for all devices. This was happening prior to the new release as well. Any advice on how to fix it would be appreciated.

Usually this is a matter of just letting things sync for a bit longer, are you sure the clouds had stopped moving on the Agenda community icon? After the Agenda 17 update, due to the migration that is part of it, it can take quite a bit of time before everything is synced up. This might appear as nothing happening anymore, but can simply take a while to complete. Once done, sync will be fast again.

This happened prior to the Agenda 17 update. The clouds have stopped moving on the Agenda community icon. Even when I let my computer run it does not sync up.

I stopped the sync and deleted all my exisiting data on my personal computer.

Can you tell me what exactly you did? Did you go into Group Containers and remove the data there?

If you are dragging your data to the Trash in the app, please turn off the sync immediately. Doing that will delete the data everywhere, on all devices, if it syncs up.

Usually, removing the data in the Group Containers folder, and then starting the sync, should work. You could try signing out of iCloud on the problem Mac, and signing back in again. Sometimes that removes some data corruption.


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I just wanted to circle back and close the loop. I resolved my sync issue by deleting the "” folder from the “Group Containers” folder and all the “Agenda” folders in “Containers” Folder. I then let everything resync. It took forever (I have a lot of notes) and got stuck. I deleted the 2 folders again but let it resync and I was able to resync everything the second time.

With this resolved I’m happy to pay for the Lifetime Premium! Congratulations on Agenda 17. Looks amazing.

Oh wow, that is kind of the nuclear option, but glad it resolved things! And thank you so much for your support, truly appreciated! :pray:

Hi I am having the same sync problem:

I have updated to Agenda 17 on all my devices (MacBook Pro 2017; iPhon 10 Max and Ipad mini 6th gen).
Had made some changes on some project names, archived some older projects and created some new ones on my MacBook Pro but they are not syncing acroos to Iphone or iPad

Some notes

Clouds are moving on all devices so sync should be happening
Tryed logging out and logging in from all deveices but nothing happens
Checked that all devices are on same iCloud account

Hasve waited close to 15 minutes for some sync to happen but nothing! any suggestions?

As part of Agenda 17 comes a migration step that can generate quite a bit of sync data that needs to be processed before changes come across more quickly again. Best is to give your devices a bit of time (with Agenda in the foreground ideally) to keep on syncing all the data, after it has come through it should be quick again.