Sync issue between laptops

What I did: I got a new laptop for work and installed Agenda. Logged in to Agenda and added drop box sync which is what is on my other laptop.

What happened: Only a few projects made it over despite giving it several hours. I’ved tried turning off sync and turning it back on. I’ve tried switchng sync between iCloud and Drop Box to see if that would force some of the rest through. Now one of my notebooks is missing on the original laptop.

What I expected: That I would get full sync between the two laptops.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): These are both on Mac OS. I do not use the iOS version at all.

At minimum, I would like to get my missing notebook back. Is there some way to force a sync to a specific timepoint? If I can’t get this sorted, then I’m goign to switch to another application for my note taking. I’ve got a few years of notes on this application and continue to take notes.

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Having the same issue between iPad and MacBook. It simply does not work. Very frustrated.

Do you have a new „category“ folder called „Other Projects“ at the end of the list of categories?
Here it happend that on my MBA some projects were moved to „Other Projects“ - but on my MBP they are still in the correct category. Not sure when this exactly happenend and no idea why.

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Some showed up there but I’m still missing several notebooks on the new laptop and the one was deleted on the old laptop. At minimum I’d like to get that notebook back somehow.

Are you using the new Agenda 14 beta, or is this the version from the App Store?

We have Agenda 14 coming in a day or so, with some improvements to Dropbox sync. Best to update to that when it is out, and see if the sync problem is helped.

Note that the cloud flashes when it is syncing. If the cloud is still flashing, it is still uploading or downloading data. (Dropbox is quite a bit slower than iCloud for this sync.)

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Currently running version from app store. I have noticed the cloud flashes when syncing. it’s flashes and then stops and doesn’t download all the notebooks. In addition, I created a notebook on the new laptop and it’s not syncing over to the previous laptop.

I will look for Agenda 14. In the meantime, can I at least get the missing notebook back. I can see some images files in the drop box sync so I believe it might still be there. Any ideas on how to force the sync with the new notebook?

There is no easy way to use the sync data to get data back. It is a special format for sync purposes, and not human readable.

Best to install Agenda 14. It is available now in all app stores.

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I have Agenda 14 installed on my macbook, ipad and iPhone. Since the new update I started having synching issues on my iPhone. New notes do not appear on my phone and viceversa, new notes on my phone do not appear on my ipad and macbook.

I am using dropbox. I tried switching the synching function off. I rebooted my iPhone, deleted both Agenda and dropbox apps and installed them again. Now only a few of my project appear on my phone and they are not in the correct categories. The synching problem persists. Has anyone got any suggestion please?

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Usually, this is simply a case of giving the device enough time to upload/download the data. You could hold Agenda in the foreground for a while, just stopping your device from going to sleep, to give it time. If you don’t want to to have to constantly keep the device from “sleeping”, you can turn off the Autolock in the Settings.

Repeat this on each device, letting it sync for around 20 minutes. Usually that will allow everything to upload and download, and it will be fast after that.

Note that you can see if it is syncing by looking for the cloud icon at the bottom of the right panel. It appears when there is sync activity.

If you can use iCloud, it usually works better, because it is much faster. But I understand that is not always possible.

The first sync can take a while with Dropbox. Try to keep the device running Agenda in the foreground with autolock off for a while. See if projects start to appear.

FYI, I cannot follow the “Dropbox not syncing after v14” link; the destination page appears to not exist.

I upgraded to v14 on both laptops. The one new notebook I created on the new laptop did show up on the old laptop, but I’m still missing multiple projects on the new laptop. And I assume the project that got deleted in an earlier attempt to sync is gone forever. I will be migrating away from Agenda as the sync does not work when setting up new devices in any reliable way. It would be easier if I could just point at an image within drop box or iCloud as being the most recent version of all my notebooks but that isn’t how it works.

Sorry you are having issues. It’s not possible to point at a folder in Dropbox to sync, because iOS/iPadOS doesn’t have a file system that we can use. It works OK for desktop machines, but not mobile devices.

If you see the cloud flashing on any of the devices, it is still busy syncing. The first sync can take a while after moving to Agenda 14, due to a data migration we needed to do.