Sync Email with Preside email app

Ive been looking for a powerhouse email app for what feels like forever. Ive tried all the big names out there including Canary recently but nothing felt quite right.

Listening to a recent podcast by Tim Chaten (Ipad Pros), his guest mentioned the Preside email app (by GoodHumans) and after a few days of trying it out…wow…it is not a beauty like Spark or Canary app for example, but it is a BEAST for workflows, sync with other apps and tons of features for someone who’s really looking for a more in-depth option on ios. Its appearance is archaic and outdated but the app itself really offers a plethora of options including the ability to store emails right on your ios device in bulk.

I cant believe Ive never heard of them before and theyve been around for nearly 20 years now!

They integrate beautifully with many of the usual productivity apps but was wondering if you guys have heard of them and if there was any chance of getting Agenda on their list of apps to sync with as well.

I already have my note-taking / document storage / task manager in Agenda…and with Preside I think Ive found an amazing gem for emails…

Never heard of it either to be honest, but good to hear you are so enthusiastic. If it supports the standard ways of sharing it should already work in combination with Agenda, but curious to hear what exactly you’d like to see in terms of integration.

Honestly Im already using it with Agenda quite well just through iOS reminders.
That said, I can see uses that would be beneficial in having an “inbox” project that I could one click send emails too with note title being the email subject and the body taking up the note.
I believe that already works to some regard with Airmail.
If we wanted to get really fancy down the line, being able to include attachments in this process would also be interesting. Not sure how realistic but it’s fun coming up with these ideas