Sync calendar notes with Agenda

No problem syncing 3rd Party calendar (Fantastical) EVENTS with Agenda. But when enter new NOTE on that calendar event, does not add that note to same event in Agenda. How do that?

You mean when you enter text into the note in Fantastical, it isn’t added into Agenda? That is the way it is supposed to work. The idea is not to sync the notes between Agenda and the calendar. The Agenda notes are supposed to be a more extensive set of notes. We do add a link to the calendar event to allow you to easily get to the Agenda note.

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I’m just purchased the premium version. I love Agenda!
I made an amendment to the title, but the change is not reflected on my calendar app.
How do I get them to sync up? (likewise, if I edit the name in calendar, would it change it in Agenda?)

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hi Daryl,
We have deliberately made it not sync up. The title is copied when you first link. The reason for this is that you might well want to have a different name for the note as the actual event in the calendar. So for now you would have to edit the calendar event separately. (You should be able to do the latter directly in Agenda, by clicking the calendar button top-right on the note.)
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Ok. got it. thanks!

Hi @drewmccormack - will it make sense to put an indication into the title of the calendar entry when we clicked Link to calendar in Agenda? By indication, maybe a * before the title. That way, when I glance at my (weekly) schedule in Calendar app, I know which of my appointment have a note that’s linked to Agenda.

Maybe a bit too invasive to do with every event, but I think you can edit the title of the event when you create one in Agenda, so perhaps that is a way to do it.