Sync between two computers

What I did: I’m trying to use Agenda in two computers, one corporate and my personal macbook pro. I use the same Apple ID in both.

What happened: I can’t access the notes that I did in my personal computer.

What I expected: That any changes in one computer syncs to another “magically”

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): In both computers I have the most updated Agenda, both in my personal computer I use the latest MacOS (High Sierra), but in my corporate macbook I use Sierra and I can’t upgrade due to company policy.

Thanks for this great app. As soon as I can, I pretend to go premium.

Make sure that iCloud Drive is turned on. Some companies block iCloud, so you might need to check if that is the reason sync is not working for you.

Well, I can see and open others file in my iCloud account, so, I don’t think that this is the issue here.

I dig a little bit here, and I found that Agenda is now showed here:


But it does here:


I guess it should be on both screens, right?

No, it should only appear in the second screen, so that’s correct.

This could however have been your phone or mac uploading that data from home, you are sure you can upload a document into iCloud drive from your work network?