Sync after iCloud issues

What I did: I signed out of iCloud on a laptop

What happened: Sync stopped working

What I expected: I signed back into icloud on the laptop, enabled icloud drive, etc. Sync has not ‘restarted’

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

is there anyway to force a sync? not sure what else to try. I have turned off sync in Agenda preferences, and turned it back on with no luck

and… just kidding. took 10 minutes or so after turning sync on and off in Agenda preferences before it worked. and then it did!

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Welcome Clay,

My experience suggest any kind of cloud syncing can be quite variable, perhaps even more so with the Internet being so flaky these days.

Generally, you should not need to do anything for sync to happen. Once you have iCloud Drive on for each device, they will regularly try syncing (I think every minute or so). So no need to press a button or anything.

We did just add a sync indicator next to the Agenda Community button. It appears when syncing is happening, but only for longer syncs.