Sync 5.3 also broken

What I did:
Downloaded Agenda on iPhone (12.2), iMac (10.14.4), using iCloud.
Set up categories, items, etc.

Then installed Agenda on iPad. Set up for iCloud.

What happened:
Events sync from iPad to iCloud (iPhone & iMac), but not the other way. iPad never gets new/updated items from iPhone or iMac.

What I expected:
Items created/updated on iMac/iPhone/iPad would remain in sync with one another.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 5.3, iOS 12.2, MacOS 10.14.4, iPhone XS, newest gen iPad (2019).

All use same iCloud ID. Tried disabling/re-enabling iCloud on iPad. No joy.


Are you sure you didn’t run out of space on iCloud?

I have 105GB available in my iCloud account. Both iOS devices have 256GB of storage with plenty of free space.

BTW the iPhone and iMac sync still works; it’s just I cannot see any changes from iPhone/iMac on the iPad. Changes from the iPad do sync to the iMac/iPhone.

Odd. Assuming you have all your data on the Mac, can you try deleting the iPad app and reinstalling it?

FWIW, more often than not, that’s what I’m seeing with my iPads (2018 and Pro 12”). Seems things will eventually sync, but at times it takes a real long time. But as I’ve mentioned in other threads, I have few attachments but many large Notes (read:daily Journal).

Prior to deleting the app I had two categories “A” and “B”, and each had a project underneath it “A1” and “B1”. Each of those had a few notes. My iPhone and iMac have more projects and notes on them.

I deleted the app from my iPad and reinstalled (5.4). After going through the splash screen and getting to the app itself, I get both of the categories I had set up, and the “B” category has one project “1” and both the notes it had before deleting. The “A1” project and its notes are gone, but remain on my iPhone/iMac.

As usual, categories/projects/items created on the iPad sync nearly instantly to the iPhone. Even editing notes created on the iPad using the iPhone don’t sync back to the iPad. There are only a dozen or so short, text-only notes on the iPhone, and since I created most of them on Sunday they’ve yet to sync to the iPad.

Other apps that use iCloud (e.g., Photos, iMessage, games) appear to sync changes from the iPad correctly. From what I can tell, it’s only Agenda that cannot.

Any chance you can add support for WebDAV sync? I have a Nextcloud server that might work better than iCloud. Otherwise, is there any way to get you some telemetry to debug? I’m sure you’re probably using one of the higher-level iCloud APIs (tho maybe not since you support alternative syncing mechanisms), and I haven’t coded any iCloud stuff, but thought maybe there’s some data it can give you about the status of its synchronization.

It seems weird that just one iOS device wouldn’t sync correctly, but it seems to be Agenda-specific. I really like what you’ve created, and I’d like to get it working.

OK I think I fixed it. I disabled iCloud sync on the iPad and selected “Delete from iCloud”. Then, when I re-enabled iCloud sync it successfully downloaded all my stuff from the iPhone/iMac, and syncing now works in both directions.

Not sure if this is related, but I did this after logging in to my Agenda Account.


Ah brilliant to hear that, and good to know. Let us know if you hit any issues still.