Switching between Retina and non-Retina displays can leave Agenda looking "over sharp"

Hi guys,
A minor thing I noticed…if you switch Agenda between Retina and non-Retina class displays you can sometimes get the application stuck in a state where all text is incredibly “sharp” looking, something to do with the aliasing on the typesetting, to the point that text can be almost unreadable. Sometimes clicking in and out of a project fixes it. Sometimes you need to quit the app and restart.

Easiest step to reproduce is to have Agenda open on a MacBook Pro and plug a non-Retina monitor into it so that the windows is automatically moved to the new monitor but I’ve had the issue on iMacs with secondary displays and with dragging the window between a Retina and non Retina display

Do other apps have this issue? I guess we somehow have to detect when the window goes between windows, though I suppose it can be half in two different monitors. Will need to investigate.