Support for Things 3

What I did:
I saw in the community forums integration with Things 3…so I bought Agenda, but under the “Share” menu item I don’t see the same items as mentioned in

What happened:
I don’t see the same items. I only see 5 items and 3 post to’s.

What I expected:
I expected to see a Share item to Things

The Share menu is based on sharing extensions, which you can setup in System Preferences > Extensions. I think you probably have to turn on the Things 3 extension so that Agenda can use it.

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How does this work in the iOS version of Things 3?

This aspect of the iOS app is less fleshed out at the moment. Your best bet for linking to a note in Things 3 would be to use the cog button on the bottom of the note to Copy a Agenda Link, and then paste that into Things. It will link back to the Agenda note.