Support for SVG previews

Is there support for SVG images?

When I try adding them they only appear as a generic file attachment so there is no preview of the actual image.

SVG support is crtical for my workflow as I use them extensively when building websites and I do all of my planning in Agenda so I would like to be able to preview the SVG images directly in Agenda.

Maybe there is alreay a way of doing this but I have not been able to get them to display as images.

We will display anything the system sees as an image as an image. On macOS, for example, PDFs are displayed as images, because macOS can treat them that way. On iOS, PDFs are not treated as images.

In future, we will likely extend what the system can handle to support formats like SVG and PDF ourselves, as images.

In the meantime, I think you should be able quicklook the image to get a preview. Does that at least work? (Long tap)

Yes, Quick Look has no problem showing the SVG, but for my needs I want to see it in the document, it would be a real pain to have to QL it every time I wanted to see it.

Plus I now want to use images as headers in my notes so I can visually spot what project I’m looking at across all of the businesses I have to deal with, plus I can then print out really nice looking notes as my notes are more like action plans than notes.

Right, yeah, we will have to add extra functionality for that, because Apple’s libraries don’t recognize them as images. We will do this when we add PDF support.

Thanks for the feedback!