Support for other OSes


Congrats on your new app. It looks great!

Are there any plans for a windows or web version of this?

I know that there will be an iPhone version released somewhere during the first half of 2018 but Windows or Web support would be great as i use both Mac OS X and Windows during a normal work day.

If there are no plans for that, any plans for a public API for premium users? That would allow me to create a very simple client to access this from my windows machine.

For a public API or web support to make sense, Agenda would have to have its own cloud-based sync service. As of now, it uses iCloud, and I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon.

The iCloud we are using can work with other OSes. But too early to say what we will support.


Absolutely, iCloud as such is available for Windows. I assume it would be hard to do anything with the databases used by Agenda as is, but if you decide to implement some open API, I’d also be interested.

Consider ChromeOS as well. We use
MacOS, Windows, ChromeOS, iOS.