Support for full name assignment

What I did: Try to assign name to a full name (ex. John Smith)

What happened: The name tag was only assigned to John not smith

What I expected: Tag to be assigned to John Smith

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): My company has lot of people with the same first name. It make almost impossible for me to distinguish people if I cannot assign name tag to full name basis.


I was about to write the same. Not only person but multi word tags would be more than welcome. My thumbs up for this request!

Both are on the to-do list indeed. The suggested workaround until then is to either use camelcase (JohnDoe) or underscores (John_Doe).

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Hey, is there any way to customise the drop down list of names?

Currently it shows all names, we plan to add a tag and people editor in a future update indeed.

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I was about to ask for this as well. Thanks for the work around (combining the two names with a space or using an _) I not only have multiple employees with the same first names but hundred of clients… Jen, Dave, Mike, Ashey and Sara are rediculously common names.