Support for Calendar Notes

Hello! Just purchased the Agenda app for Mac/iOS and have encountered one problem with Calendar events -

It looks like we can edit the Date/Time/Location/URL/Alarm in a Calendar Event - everything but the actual Note. Could we please have the functionality to edit the actual Calendar Event Note, beyond adding a link to Agenda?

I regularly search my Google calendar events for specific task keywords, and had bought the Agenda app hoping for a more user-friendly interface to add/edit these notes - so it’s a bit frustrating to find we’re unable to access the note category! Hope this makes sense.

Beautiful program otherwise - particularly the way projects and categories are handled - so well done.

Thank you.

Hi Grace,

We on purposely not support this from within Agenda as we feel it would be very confusing to most users who don’t need to/want to edit the notes field of a calendar event. Because what would note now mean, the note in the calendar event or the note in Agenda? Would people then want to have the agenda note copied in the calendar event (which cannot be done losslessly), and are the two then kept in sync (answer: no)? And how does this now work if two Agenda users would be invited to the same event and edit the notes? etc etc. For this reason we won’t support this feature I’m afraid.

That makes a lot of sense, Alexander - thank you for the note!

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