Support block codes

Thanks for being honest I appreciate that. However I don’t believe Agenda now fits with my professional needs. Perhaps in the future when those small things will be added I’ll reconsider.

Sure, fair enough, be sure to keep an eye on Agenda!

The ``` + space / return still not working for me

Ah, I just checked but the trick is not to let it follow by a space or return but directly by the content you want to escape.

It works a bit different to in a markdown editor. Usually you just have the three ticks at the start and end of the block, but in Agenda we don’t preserve the markdown, so it works more like a toggle. Type the ticks, enter a space, and then start typing your preformatted content (no return). It will change to preformatted.

Just adding another vote for code blocks. There’s a plugin that everyone uses that supports a ton of languages, that finally added Swift support.

Do you know which plugin it is?

I think it must be this one. I remember for a while they did not support Swift but they do now.

Thanks Rob!

+1 for code highlight :slight_smile: … At first, I won’t need anything fancy just a code block easier to spot. The preformated one is good but it still very difficult to spot on … Hope you can put it on your todo list. Really appreciate what you guys are doing.