Summary and summarisation of action points in a note

On the macOS version…

Is there a way of being able to summarise action points at the end of the note.

I have to take detailed notes with client meetings of which action points will be recorded throughout. Would love to be able to then summarise these action points at the end of the note so can easily see as a list, or be able to then copy and paste that summary into an email to the client. Likewise would then be easy to review the note when loking back at things.


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At the end of the meeting, when tidying up my notes, I use the command Edit > Checklist > Copy Unticked Items, and paste them into a section near the top of the note (Heading ‘Actions’ and separated by a horizontal rule from the notes). (I paste to the top, rather than bottom, so they are quick to find - if I need to go back to a note, it’s usually the actions I need.)

I then tidy up the pasted checklist, and use that as my action list.

I leave the originals in the body of the meeting notes because sometimes it’s helpful to refer to them in context to make proper sense of them!

A process like you describe, where the summary of actions are actually a linked mirror of the actions in the text , is an interesting idea. Though, I find I often need to revise the actions quite a lot after taking hasty notes to make sense of them as stand alone actions. That might not work well with what you describe.


The workflow that @trebso mentions is indeed what I would suggest as well. I agree that something similar for a specific tag would be nice as well, will think about that!