Summarized category / sub-category view

Agenda is great. I use it in my daily job. I manage around 5-6 big projects with it. However there is one thing I would love to see in the tool. Before Agenda I used few of the programs available at the market - one of these was Notion and apart of everything that wasn’t right at the moment for me, one thing stayed. The summary of a category / noted put as a easy table-list with a date, people etc. automaticaly updated (based on the data inside the note). I know it’s a quite big request, because it merges a lot of other functionalities but maybe there will be some space in the future for that :wink:


You mean like a table of contents for the project? Note that you can click the project title at the top of the notes list to get a list of notes to “jump” to. That may help with the high level picture.

Yes, I know about that :wink: But the thing is i.e. having a table of contents for the project provides a more comprehensive knowledge (about atendess, date, short desc of the meeting notes)

OK, we’ll take it on board. Thanks for the feedback!