Suggestions would like to see

Over the last year have tried to find an app that would allow me to seamlessly take notes related to meetings. All my requirements: Calendar integration with easy call-back, meeting agenda dropped into note upon creation, markup note creation, and tagging.

However, there are is three things that need expansion.

  1. Less restriction, and more customization abilities with text formatting: i.e. line spacing, font with the ability to create in straight markup (easier to see), but you can close a note showing final results (similar to DayOne).
    2). Templates to help drive more uniformity in productivity. Workaround - I have few I saved in a ‘templates’ project and copy out to be integrated into the pulled calendar agenda.
  2. More productive workflows, i.e. I would use Agenda during my meeting, after which pull actions out into Things 3 or Omnifocus or quickly associate e-mails to an item discussed. Later taking the note markup and achieving it in my DayOne Journal.

All-in-all, paid for this app, as I have high hopes these will be coming. Awesome start!

Thanks for the feedback!

We have plans to give control over fonts, text size, and styling. No plans yet to make a pure markdown mode. We didn’t set out to make yet another markdown editor. If all you want to do is write in Markdown, and then commit to Agenda, you would almost be better off just using TextMate or something, and copying the final result in.

Templates are certainly on our radar, yes.

In terms of workflows, what did you have in mind specifically? You can already copy and paste (including HTML and markdown), and drag notes to produce backlinks. Can you suggest features that would help you that go beyond what is there already?

Kind regards,