Suggestions for Using Agenda for My Weekly Manager Meeting?



I am looking for an easy way to maintain my weekly agenda with my manager. I am completely in the apple environment.

My Devices: Macbook Pro, iMac, iPad Pro, iPhone
My Software: Fantastical, OmniFocus Pro, Outlook for Windows (using Parallels), and Spark.

Any suggestions for how to maintain my weekly agenda utilizing Agenda in a way that I can print it out for my boss but then use it to create action items I can then send to omnifocus (I will automate this with either an apple script, keyboard maestro, or workflow)

One thought is I can link it to the calendar event and then pre-load my agenda then copy it forward to the next after action items added.

Thanks in advance.



Agenda has a saved search feature that allows us to create an overview that searches for a date range. I think that’s a subscription-only feature?

I think I use the Agenda app a little differently. I’m still hemming and hawing about writing something but it looks something like this:

I gotta finish my 1040 tax project first before I can dedicate time to this article. Hopefully I’ll get my taxes finish within the next week and then I can finish a write-up!


The way I would usually do this is have a project just for the weekly meeting. At the end of a meeting, I would immediately create a new note for next week’s meeting, with date. During the week, I would add to that note things that come up and I need to discuss.

During the meeting I would add actions in the form of checklist items in that same note. Upon conclusion, I would send a PDF to my boss. I would click the “on the agenda” button so I can find the note easily all week, and then start working through the action items.

I wouldn’t personally go back to OF at this point, but you could try copying the checklist items and seeing if they paste into OF. For me that seems to work, though you do get a round check item appear in the text. OF seems to be smart enough to split each line into a single action.


I wrote about this on my blog, talking about how I leverage OmniFocus with my calendar and Agenda to create the framework for my weekly boss reviews (deeply supported and enabled by Shortcuts).

Maybe that post might be helpful!



Great post ScottyJ, thanks for sharing!