Suggestion of Mirror Feature

I’ve been using Agenda to manage projects and plan my week. One thing that troubles me for a long time is managing the “same” task in different notes. Below are two examples,
a. I normally create a note for project summary and list down key tasks/to-dos, when I plan for my weekly agenda or daily tasks, I copy particular tasks from the project summary note to the weekly/daily plan note. If I make any changes to the task or complete the tasks, I’ll need to go back to the projcet note to do it again;
b. I usually create a weekly agenda note at the beginning of a week listing major taks to be focused on in that week. Then I’ll allocate the tasks to different weekdays by copying the to my daily notes. When I update my acitivities to the tasks in daily notes, I have to go back to the weekly notes to do it again.

I came across a feature in the WorkFlowy app called “Mirror”, which allows the user to mirror an item to other notes (not as a link), changes made to any entry of the mirroed item will be reflected in all entries.

I think it would be super useful if we can add a similar feature in Agenda.

Thanks for the feedback.

I would think it should be possible to come up with a system where you don’t need to duplicate the information, because that seems to be the real problem.

Eg. Have you considered using the weekly note as a sort of summary, with very little detail. It could have links to the detailed notes, where the tasks are filled out

Perhaps this is something you could post in the Talk section. There may be other customers who have had similar frustrations who have come up with good solutions they can suggest.

Kind regards,

Thanks Drew. I’ll try to post it in the Talk section.

In regards to your suggestion, the weekly notes always come first (ie. I list out top 10 tasks to complete for the following week), then the tasks are to be allocated to different weekdays (ie. I plan to do 3 of them on Wednesday).

A different approach to consider, one that Agenda can do today:

  • Pin your Project Summary to the top of the current weeks note. Then it’s always available during the week.
  • You can move the Pinned note to the subsequent week, to maintain having just one note with your running to-do list.

I use this approach (except monthly, not weekly).

Could you please explain a bit more? I don’t quite understand the structure you’re working with.

I do roughly the same thing and I use templates. That has been working very well for me.