Suggestion for dates notes

Hello all. I have an idea for a tweak to this great app.

I’d like it if we can lock our notes into place based on their creation date or other criteria such as alphabetical, length, etc.

If I create a note that has the date automatically inserted into the file name the way I like to do when it comes to journaling, I’d rather not be able to accidentally put something that was written on, for example, March 5th to end up listed before an entry on February 9th. It’s never that way in regular paper journals, so I think that when it comes to Agenda being used as a journal, that it be only natural for the same thing to apply here as well.

Maybe a way to look at it is that we can either have notes lock into place based on date created, etc, or we can turn locking off.

If we turn locking off, and things get rearranged, I’d ask that the note entries with dates in the title be reorganized according to date.

It’s important to me that dated entries remain organized according to when they were created.

Thank you for your time.

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Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll have some ideas how this could be incorporated in the plans for a future update.

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